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Content Creation FAQ

I offer a variety of content creation services including photography, videography and influencer marketing. 

My Services

I use professional camera equipment for my content creation projects including:

  • Sonya7ii Camera
  • 24-70mm Sony Lens
  • 70-200mm Sony Lens
  • Drone DJI Mavic Mini 4K shooting
  • GoPro Hero 11
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • Tripods and gimbals

I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to edit photos. I also use Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.

If you’re interested in connecting and creating content together feel free to hit that contact button. Please include what you have in mind as well as your social media handles.


I’m based in Montréal, Québec Canada.

Partnerships FAQ

If you’re interested in working with me feel free to contact me by email. You can also fill out the Request Form below to see if we’re a good fit!

Request Form Email Contact

I can’t wait to work on this project with you! Feel free to contact me by email or by filling out the Request Form below.

Request Form Email Contact

Yes. You can find my Media Kit by clicking the button below. You can also contact me by email and I’ll be glad to send you the most updated version. Please include who you are and why you’re requesting my Media Kit in the email.

Media Kit Email Contact

I’m mostly active on Instagram and TikTok.

Instagram TikTok

Let’s see if we’re a good fit! Please fill out the Request Form below.

Request Form

Yes absolutely! If your project aligns with my outdoor and adventure niche feel free to send me your campaign project by email. 

Email Contact

Yes! I absolutely love to explore and travel. In addition, I also have a passport as well as a car and a driver’s license.

The big majority of my audience resides in Canada and mostly in Montreal. In addition, the age range is between 18-44 years old with 52% being women and 47% being men. 

Yes. I own a driver’s license and a car.

Hiking and Travel FAQ

I’m not currently hosting any group trips but maybe in the next upcoming years!

I’m not hosting any group hikes. I’m not a hiking guide and I also don’t have the proper training.

I normally find a spot I’d really love to visit and then plan around the activities I want to do there by researching and finding places to stay and eat nearby.

In addition, I mostly use Google search, Google Maps, Instagram and TikTok to plan my trips.

I do research through Google and Instagram. You can also look up National parks and Regional parks in your area as well.

I always bring the 10 essentials with me when hiking. Additionally, what I wear hiking will always depend on the weather and the season.

The 10 Essentials

Check out this article on 40 dog-friendly hikes in Québec.

40 Dog-friendly Hikes in QC

I don’t actually host group hikes. I’m not a hiking guide and I also don’t have the proper training.

Other FAQ

I’m a freelance content creator. I create visual content for companies to use on their social media channels or their website. This is usually in the form of photography and videography.

I also offer influencer marketing services where I share brands or accommodations with my community of outdoor lovers on my social media channels or on my Blog.

In addition, I’m currently in school for Video Production where I plan to offer video editing services to YouTubers and companies in the near future with the goal of possibly starting a Video Production business in the next upcoming years.

I currently earn income through partnerships with brands, accommodations or tourism boards by creating photography or short-form videos for their social media pages and website.

I also earn income through brand deals and campaign projects that I share on my own social media pages.

Furthermore, I earn passive income through investing in the stock market which pays me small amounts every month in the form of dividends.

I built my own website.

For all partnership requests feel free to fill out the Request form below or contact me by email. Please include as much information and detail as possible about your event.

Request Form Email Contact

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